Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Tofu and Chive Pan-Fried Gyoza Dumplings

Kumigar’s Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Tofu and Chive Dumplings for Dinner ;-)


“Requiem for Kumigar” – First Macrobiotic Vegetarian Recipe! Tofu Balls!

Kumigar now on

Kumigar now on!

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Kumigar is BACK! How to make Sexy Buns! ソーセージパンの作り方


頑張れ日本!苺焼きプリンの作り方☆Let’s Go Japan Strawberry Boobie Pudding

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Healthy Peach, Tomato & Basil Summer Pasta Salad 桃とバジルのパスタサラダ

Poached Samon, Soused Vegetables and Kumigar's Japanese Hollandaise Sauce  ポーチドサーモンと温野菜の和風オランデーズソース

Poached Samon, Soused Vegetables and Kumigar’s Japanese Hollandaise Sauce ポーチドサーモンと温野菜の和風オランデーズソース

Kumgiar's Bacon and Cheese Potato Bun

Bacon & Cheese Potato Buns ベーコンとチーズのジャガイモパン

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How to make NYC style Sesame Bagels 胡麻ベーグルの作り方

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How to make Melon Pan メロンパン

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How to Make Cream Pan -Japanese Sweet Custard Cream Bread クリームパン


How to Make Earrings with Wire & Power Stones パワーストーンイヤリングの作り方


Microwave Steam Yu! Fruit! Strawberry Cake Recipe 電子レンジでスチームケーキ♥


#MakeItCount Kumigar’s Trip to Southport Weekender 48 and London, UK


SPW 48 Madness: Video Reports by Kumigar


[CLOSED: GIVE AWAY CONTEST] Going to the UK Vlog! イギリスに遠征にいってきます!

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Southport Weekender 48 and The Timetables


Sexy Strawberry Crepes for the Lovers 大好きな人と食べたいイチゴクレープ

Sakura Roll Cake

Sakura Peach Roll Cake 桜ピーチロールケーキ


Karizma & DJ Spen DJ Set featuring World’s Best House Dancers (Hiro, Pino and Shuho) at Vision